Learn how to journal for manifesting 


We all know the benefit of journaling for emotional release and healing. But, did you know that journaling can help you manifest? 

The Life By Design Journal is a digital journal designed to teach you how to manifest your desires and goals by embodying their vibrational frequencies, with the help of journaling.  Inside the journal, you will learn how to follow a daily journaling practice and three additional practices that will enable you to make the mindset and emotional shifts, allowing you to take charge of your vibration and manifest more consciously.

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 Here is how The Life By Design Journal will help you:

Vision Statement Sheets

 You will be supported in writing vision statements for up to three areas of your life that you want to change or improve. You will describe exactly what you want to experience in these areas and begin to consciously focus your energy on it.

The Process of Shifting Frequencies Through Journaling + A Sample Format of A Daily Journaling Practice

You will learn how to follow a daily journaling practice that helps you to condition your mind and energy for success by raising your frequency and aligning it with the vibration of your desires. 

This practice is incredibly effective because it combines three different energetic practices -  affirmations, scripting and gratitude, into ONE exercise which takes less than 15 minutes to do. 

Frequency Embodiment Practices

You will learn three 5-minute practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to sustain the vibration of your desires so that you can consistently magnetise resources and opportunities to support you on your path. 

It is easy to let self-doubt creep in and completely shift your focus and vibe - life happens; we get triggered; fear kicks in. The purpose of these additional tools is to help you bring your focus and energy back to how you want to be thinking and feeling, eliminating negative thoughts and consciously choosing what energy you send out into the field. 

60 Pages Of Journaling Sheets

You will have the space to start and follow your daily journaling practice for the next 30 days. It takes 21 to 30 days to build a habit and a lot of repetition to shift an unhelpful belief. By committing to this daily practice, you will start planting new beliefs into your subconscious mind and begin to fully embody the energy of your desired manifestations.

You manifest what you believe is possible for you not only on a conscious but on a subconscious level. This is why, in addition to the journal, you will also receive:

Shifting Limiting Beliefs Exercise 

So that you can identify and shift any beliefs that may be getting in your way (consciously or unconsciously) of manifesting what you want. You can do the exercise on any desire or goal and spot the thoughts that sabotage you. Once you spot them, you can begin shifting them with the help of this exercise.

"Today I Manifested" Lists + Daily Affirmations

To record all the positive things you manifest during the day and keep your vibration high. 

Each of the 7 Manifestation Lists you will receive (one for every day of the week) comes with a daily affirmation you can practise too. 

Daily Journaling Checklist 

To support you in being consistent in your daily mindset and energy work. 

Get instant access now for £3.33

The journal is for you IF:

- you are on a spiritual journey and embrace the principles of the Law of Attraction 

- you want to learn how to be more consistent in the way you manage and direct your energy (and get out of your way = goodbye negative chatter!)

- you want easy to implement practices that help you raise your vibration quickly 

- you love the fun and thrill that comes with turning thoughts to things 

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Get instant access now for £3.33