You deserve to thrive - in every area of your life.

This is what I used to say to myself.

It was the spring of 2019 when I quit a successful corporate career and moved to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean to pursue my dream of building a business and working from my laptop. Little did I know what was headed my way.

A few months into my new life and just as everything seemed to be going in the right direction (a flow of clients, island lifestyle, supportive partner), it all started crashing - very rapidly. Tumor. My grandmother passing away. My grandfather passing away. Break up. Hitting rock bottom financially. That was the beginning of a year and a half of intense (and unplanned) spiritual growth (some call it Dark Night of the Soul) that changed my mindset and life in ways unimaginable.

I not only healed without the need of surgery (and saw my healing in one of my meditations months before the doctor confirmed it) but I discovered a whole new world within, one where I could find peace, joy, love and confidence just by sitting still even when, on the outside, my life, as I envisioned and knew it, had completely crashed.

I learnt how to work with my mind and energy in a much more conscious and intentional way, manifesting incredible opportunities, physical healing, financial abundance, healthy relationships, and began rebuilding my life from a place of higher awareness and connection. Trust me, once you get a taster of your own power, there is no way back. You awaken to the potential within you and your energetic essence, which then marks the beginning of creating and living life by using all your innate resources. This is the purpose of Coaching for Transformers - to help you 1) realise you have them and 2) learn how to use them so that you can build a life that lights you up, in a healthy and sustainable manner.

We know that each person has their own desires and definition of success. We also know that many people aren't aware of what their passions, gifts, and core desires are or, even if they are, they are afraid of following them.  Through our resources and services, we aim to help you remove your inner blocks, step onto a path that feels exciting and aligned, and create success, which brings fulfilment and joy while feeling your best self. Sacrificing your health and well-being in pursuit of what you want is a No-no for us. 

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of one million people by 2025 and this is why we regularly interview industry experts in the field of spirituality, wellness, relationships, career & business on The Inspiration Blog Series, where you will find actionable self-help tips that you can implement right away. You can also check out our Resources section and get started with our self-coaching tools. Now, ready to embark on your self-exploratory journey?

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