Client Love

Nicolle Maltwood

Founder of NM Digital Consultancy


Kristina's work, where do I start ... Meeting Kristina at a time when I was struggling with my own confidence and finding my own successes in my personal life to match my work success. I found myself in a place where I would often return home after a great day feeling low on my own and struggling with finding someone to share my loneliness with. 

Kristina helped me spend some time recognising my behaviour, moods and making me become accountable for doing so. I would take away homework from each session where each day I would write down my feelings, visualise what I want in life and take it back to run through next time. 

All the feelings and the way I was behaving was all explainable with every action having a reaction even if sometimes it is only subtle. Spending time with Kristina, I was able to really value myself and make a positive change to the way I let the world influence my behaviour and feelings. My visualisation work with her has proved itself time and time again even more so now that I am able to sit here no longer lonely with my own little family setup at home. 

Kristina, I couldn't thank you enough for all the help you gave me and I would encourage anyone to jump in and try one of her sessions.

Karn Chai

Masters Student


Kristina helped me gain confidence through her coaching techniques - she asked questions and gave me the space to think deeply about my situation. After just a 1-hour session, I felt like I had a mini breakthrough where I felt affirmed and gained a much clearer picture about what I was doing and where I want to go. I highly recommend Kristina to anyone looking to gain clarity in themselves as well as their goals.

Mariella Bano 

Guest Relations Team Leader


Pandemic hit me hard. Losing the job and ending a relationship at the same time was difficult to face. Before I got in touch with Kristina, I was completely lost. After only one session, I was able to see my situation from a completely different perspective. Thanks to Kristina, a new adventure is awaiting me and I feel confident it will be a good one. She is able to unlock the power within you as she has your well-being at heart. 

Ghazaleh Khoub 

Celebrity Podiatrist, The Private Clinic of Harley Street, Refinery Mayfair


With Kristina, you learn to enjoy the journey as much as the goal. You experience uninterrupted flow making the achievement of your goal much speedier. This isn’t therapy, this is someone peeling away layers of beliefs that can be holding you back from getting to your goal. Just after one session, you will see immense changes in your productivity, focus and overall state of mind.

John Scerri

AV Services 


How often do we discard our hopes, goals, and dreams if they do not become an instant reality? Well.... Up until very recently, this was me... I changed... All I had to do was open my mind to a new idea... With guidance from Kristina, I was able to use the tools I didn't even realise I had in my arsenal... "My dreams, my hopes and my goals". Using visualisation and relaxation techniques, I was able to create such a huge feeling of positivity and belief that this has completely transformed both my working life and my personal life. No longer do my dreams and aspirations weigh me down. These techniques teach you how to become the person that makes You most happy. Positivity absolutely breeds positivity.

Tiphaine Ramage

Founder of RADICAL SILK 


Having previously worked with Kristina at a very different stage of my life, I knew that a year into my entrepreneurial venture was about the right time to re-connect and invest in one of her coaching programmes.

Upon starting working together, we identified what my main goal was as a business owner. In order to achieve other long-term goals, my focus was increasing my monthly sales. We identified what beliefs and behaviours were keeping me from achieving my goal and put into place systems and daily practices to help me easily achieve this goal. 

From a spiritual point of view, Kristina and I share a similar vision of how the Universe works. Our philosophy, to put it simply: when we feel good in our bodies and minds and have a clear vision of what we desire, we can achieve just about anything. What I’d known about and been researching for years now, I feel I have finally been able to properly put into motion.  I knew I had to be in a good mindset for my business to go well but I'd often let myself get unfocussed and caught up in my negative emotions. Having someone holding me accountable for how I controlled these thoughts and emotions, how I showed up for myself on daily basis, has been life-changing.

 My sales, during the month I was coached by Kristina, reached their highest point so far! My last words to all of you reading: invest in yourselves, believe in yourselves and believe in your power to succeed!

Fabio Nobre 

Sales Executive


A few months ago I had a slight breakdown in my career, I couldn’t find my place, my way, where I was going and I felt a bit lost. This, of course, influenced my personal life as well. When I contacted Kristina and asked for her coaching services, I had no idea how significantly it would change my life. Kristina’s passion for what she does is unique and had a massive impact on my development. She uses tools to make you realise what you are capable of, what is inside of you that you might have not just thought about or realised. She opens your mind so you can use it at its full potential. These things might sound simple and easy, but usually, we don’t realise how much power they actually have. I have been using all the tools that she had taught me and I have been implementing them into my day-to-day tasks at work.

I can proudly say that the result speaks for itself, I have recently received a promotion and I have also taken the next steps to establish the business that I have had in mind for a while now. I can definitely recommend Kristina, her coaching will help you achieve your goals and take you to the next level. 

Izabela Faron

Learning & Development Professional, Travel Blogger 


I reached out to Kristina when I needed to look at my productivity and energy levels when I was embarking on a journey of turning my dream of having my own blog into a reality. Being a full time professional with a demanding day job, I needed to find focus and ways of coping with the demands of my full-time job and developing my passion at the same time. This project required me to have a lot of energy consistently so I could perform at work and, at the same time, invest energy in starting and running my blog plus being creative at the same time.

 Kristina helped me to create a new daily routine, become more productive, and most importantly - find motivation within myself. 

Self-motivation is so important when you are launching something new, that is a side project, and you need a routine to achieve your goals but also a lot of energy. Kristina helped me to realise what activities energize me and helped me to create a weekly schedule to implement activities daily so that I could get my dose of energy, e.g. exercises, time for books etc. 

 Apart from being a very positive person, Kristina is a great and demanding coach that will help you unlock your potential. 

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