“Your Greatest Point of Attraction Is Your Personal Power” With Akeel O’Connor, Leading Intuitive Life Coach

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By Kristina Todorova, Head Coach and Founder, Coaching for Transformers

This week on the blog, we are talking about what it means to connect to our personal power and how that impacts every area of our lives. I am joined by Akeel O'Connor, a leading Intuitive Life Coach, who shares how she built her dream business and life, doing what lights her up, by embracing the power of energy, following her inner guidance and staying true to who she is. Having completely transformed her life, she now helps women release the subconscious programmes that are keeping them stuck and create lives of ease, flow and abundance. 

Akeel, you are a highly skilled intuitive coach gifted with the ability to tune into a person’s energetic field and guide them through some of the challenges they are facing. I have personally benefited from your gifts and am excited about having you on the blog today. Can you share more about yourself and what inspired you to enter your current field of work? 

So, I don’t think I had a choice on whether or not I should enter the world of healing and energetics. I was born with a heightened attunement to my spiritual gifts. When I was younger, I didn't understand them to be spiritual gifts, they were just a part of who I was. As I got older and I began to feel and see energy as plainly as everything else in the physical world, it became clear that I had these abilities for a reason and that I need to use them to assist people who are brought across my path. I would look at a person and hear whispers about their issues and how to solve them. I could look at a person and see the parts of their body that are carrying negative energies or emotional trauma. All this knowledge was being revealed to me about the people around me and it just clicked to me that it was being revealed to me for a reason. In one of my meditations this week, I heard a voice say that I have been charged with the responsibility of guiding women on the path to healing and showing them a better way to live. This is the work that lights me up - showing women how to release strife and struggle mentality and step into the energetic flow of life where everything gets to be easy.

You grew up in a very religious family and despite that, when you began to feel drawn to the teachings of Tarot, you chose to pursue that interest. What helped you gain the courage and self-belief to go with what you felt was right for you versus what you were brought up to believe in and pursue as a career path? 

I was so scared of being rejected by my family, friends and Christian community but there came a time when I couldn’t bare 1 more second of sitting in a space on inauthenticity. I couldn’t pretend that I am not deeply connected to the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Souls of my ancestors. I could no longer pretend that I wasn’t a powerful healer and seer placed on this planet to raise its consciousness and transform people's lives. When I listened to my inner knowings and started on the path of harmonising my mind, body and spirit, it activated my personal power and gave me the energetic strength to speak the truth that was buried in my soul.

On social media, you often speak about how being in our “personal power” can unlock our ability to magnetise resources and opportunities to us. This year alone, you manifested a 6-figure deal in your business. Can you share what it means to be in our power and how that helps us unlock our manifesting abilities? 

Being in your power means that you are so deeply rooted and connected to who you are that nothing can knock you off your path. It means that you are so aligned with your mind, your body, and your spirit that you have unleashed the dormant power inside you that magnetises your life and attracts the things that are only found in your wildest dreams. It means that you are so in tune with who you are that even on your bad days you are still attracting your dreams and desires, and you have the energetic capacity to deal with the shitty things life will throw at you. When you unlock your personal power you have access to the divine energy source to drive your business to success; to show up powerfully on social media in full truth and energy, which will draw the right clients to you. When you unlock your personal power you will see a shift in all areas of your life because it directly impacts everything you do. That's the true power of connecting with your personal power, it’s transformational energy.

In your new coaching programme “Awakened: The Glow Up”, you are helping women activate their personal power through subconscious re-programming, body connectivity and energy work. And, you even coach them on how to connect with their spiritual team so that they can receive clear guidance. Can you share more about the programme? 

This is a powerful programme for women who want to get at the source of their issues and completely transform their life into a life of ease, flow and abundance. The only thing in life that's truly yours is your mind, body and spirit. Once you learn the power hidden in each of those components and how to use those powerful elements to your benefit, your life will never be the same. This is what we will be focusing on: 

In Week 1 of the programme, we go into healing your negative subconscious programming and the magnetising of the mind for manifestations. 

In Week 2 we talk about healing the body, raising its frequency and how the body helps to drive you to success. 

In Week 3 we speak about the spirit, the spiritual world and how connecting to your spiritual guides will help you to consistently choose the right paths and move in the right direction.

Week 4 is all about self-directed energy healing, teaching you the tools that will help you deal with everyday situations that you face in life. 

At the end of the programme, you leave with a thorough balance of the mind, body, and spirit, and a spiritual practice tailored to you to incorporate into your new direction in life. This isn’t just a programme you complete and that's it, it’s a programme that shows you how to weave into your life the tools and routines needed to live in energetic flow, ease and abundance.

What advice would you give to those of our readers who dream about creating a life of freedom and affluence, doing what they love but no matter how much they try they don’t seem to move forward?

This is a classic sign of energetic imbalance and disconnection. My advice is to get on the journey of balancing your energy and activating your personal power. If you are not seeing positive results in the physical world, it's a sure sign that something is out of balance in the energetic world. In my last podcast episode, I spoke about the fact that you can’t outwork stuck energy. No matter how hard you work, or how well you strategize, if the energy in that area is stuck there is nothing you can do physically to get it moving. You have to heal, move or transmute that energetic space first and then apply the hard work and action in the physical world. That principle alone will help so much to get you out of a stuck place in your life or business.

My last tip is to invest in getting help in that area, especially if it’s an area that is vital to your success and happiness in life. When I invested my first $500 in a wealth energetics coach to help me heal my stuck energy around money that's when everything shifted for me in that area, and I was able to manifest 6 figures. It might be a little scary to invest in these areas but when you do, it is an energetic commitment to change and I’ve seen the Universe reward that commitment every time.

Can you share a few tips on building self-belief and confidence?

Sure, here are a few tips that can help:

1. Delve into healing subconscious wounds. These wounds hold us in place energetically for years, working against us in the background without our knowledge.

2. Balance your mind, body and spirit. This will bring you in tune with who you are at a soul level and show you your own power.

3. Spend time in your own energy. Nature walks alone, weekends away alone. Acquaint yourself with who you are, without the interference of another person's energy.

4. Invest in this area of self-perception because this impacts how you move through the world and your energetic capacity to receive the desires you want to manifest. This impacts every aspect of your life.

Thank you for joining me today, Akeel. Where can our readers learn more about your work and connect with you?

Thanks for having me! Here's where they can learn more about my work and get in touch.

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