5 Minute Mindfulness & Gratitude Exercise To Kickstart Your Day On The Right Vibrational Foot

exercises holistic well-being mind and emotional mastery Sep 22, 2021

How you start your morning sets the tone of your day - we know you've heard this many times. And yes, it is true. However, we understand that having a proper self-care morning routine may not be always possible. That is why we have a quick and easy to do exercise for you, which will take no longer than 5 minutes and will help you raise your vibration first thing in the morning so that you can set your day for success. 

Mindfulness & gratitude exercise 

Step 1: Upon waking up, go outdoors in the garden, on your balcony or simply open the window if you don't have a garden or balcony.

Step 2: Place your focus on a tree, a flower or the sky (anything you can see which is pleasing for you to look at) and gaze at it for a minute or two, just observing it. If there are any thoughts (and there will be because your mind does not like staying still), bring your attention to the object of your observation and focus on its details. For example, if you are looking at a tree, you can look at its leaves. 

Step 3: Say a few words of appreciation mentally for the object you're focusing on and connect with the feeling of gratitude for having seen and enjoyed its beauty. You can say "Thank You for reminding me of how I can find beauty in the little things."

Step 4: Check in with yourself and pay attention to how you are feeling before you resume your normal activities. Do you feel a sense of gratitude? Do you feel uplifted? If so, you have raised your vibration to a higher frequency.

Mindfulness & gratitude exercises are spoken about a lot and for a reason - they help you gain control of your mind and energy. They can be a great addition to your morning routine, especially on hectic days when you may not have the opportunity to do a longer meditation practice or perform any of your other self-care practices. This exercise is quick to do, and we hope it will become a part of your self-care toolkit so that you can start your day on the right vibrational foot no matter how your schedule looks.

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