Introduction to Shamanism: What Is It and How It Can Help You Heal With Susana Andrez McKie, Shamanic Practitioner

energy work and healing interviews with experts Dec 06, 2021

By Kristina Todorova, Transformational Life Coach and Founder of Coaching for Transformers

Today's guest on the blog is not only a qualified practitioner in a number of energy healing modalities such as shamanism, reiki, healing touch, aura reading and multidimensional therapy, but she is also a naturally gifted healer. Although I have known Susana for a long time, it wasn't until I found myself battling with emotional and physical health issues that we reconnected and began working together. Through our shamanic healing work, I learnt more about shamanism and am delighted to have Susana as our guest today, talking about this ancient healing practice. She has also recently joined our team of in-house experts and will be sharing her tips and thoughts on our blog, and offering one-to-one energy healing sessions to our community. 

Hello and welcome, Susana. I am so excited we will be talking about shamanism today as shamanic healing has been a life-changing experience for me. Prior to reaching out to you for support with my healing journey, I didn’t know much about shamanism and some of our readers may be new to the topic as well. Can you share more about your work and what shamanism is?

Thank you, Kristina. It’s a pleasure to talk about shamanism, as it’s such a powerful spiritual practice. It’s actually the oldest living spiritual practice and has been changing through time. It involves an interaction with the spirit world through an altered state of consciousness that can be easily obtained for an experienced shaman without the use of any hallucinogens (psychedelics). Shamanism brings deep and profound energetic healing, ensuring the person reconnects and aligns with their true self, whilst restoring love and harmony.

My work with shamanism is focused on journeying deeply into the root of the issues, whatever that might be: relationships, self-love, low energy levels, health issues, decisions, guidance, and many more.

What led you to become a Shamanic Healing Practitioner?

I guess I have always been practising shamanism without actually calling it shamanism. I had an amazing experience learning Multidimensional Therapy, which is healing through the heart, opening your whole self to the spirit world through your heart chakra. That’s where the magic happens. You become one with all: animals, plants, sky, soil, and so many others. It’s such a gratifying experience. We are all born with gifts, and my gift has always been the connection with the spirit world, feeling electromagnetic fields and understanding what people need in order to develop themselves to the highest level.

Can you talk to us about what usually happens during a shamanic healing journey?

During a shamanic healing journey, it can be beneficial to have a specific goal set in advance. I might write it down and express it several times out loud. If there is no specific goal, the session will be guided in a way that brings you what your true self is in the need of. I normally close my eyes and invite the person to relax and take deep breaths and even close their eyes too. The idea is to relax as much as possible. As I close my eyes, I take deep breaths and sometimes I might shake a small homemade rattle. I then enter the spirit world and start describing everything that I see and hear. This is what shamans call journeying. I basically go on a journey to the spirit world on behalf of the person. Sometimes, I’ll open my eyes and ensure it becomes interactive, inviting the person to bring any questions forward.  

You have facilitated multiple journeys for me and helped heal emotional pain and other health issues, and I have experienced firth hand how transformational shamanic healing can be. What are the challenges that shamanic healing can help with?

Shamanic healing can help with a multitude of issues and anyone who is brave, willing to recover and change. It restores the health of a person, and their relationship with themselves and the entire Universe, embracing all different parts of the individual: the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the confident and fearful. All parts are valid; all parts must be seen, recognised and accepted - as all is well and we are all perfect the way we are.

In your practice, you use and even mix different energy healing modalities, how can one know that shamanism is the right intervention for them?

Although shamanism can be used for so many things, I would suggest using it if one is experiencing loss of energy, facing healing issues, if life is feeling dull or too exciting that it is becoming exhausting; or even if someone is unsure of what they would love to do, or if what they believe they want is just simply not flowing in the direction that they want.

Talking about facing healing issues, you have healed holistically from several health conditions such as hypothyroidism, PCOS, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stomach hernia and IBS. What helped you the most in recovering from these conditions?

Understanding that it’s okay to ask for help - either a professional, our guides and the spirit world. Everything is as it should be, as difficult as it might be to accept. Having the will to overcome these conditions without feeling anger or resentment was the key to my healing journey, whilst at the same time, being ready to tackle and deal with deep-rooted issues and roll up my sleeves to de-programme my mind from unhealthy thought processes.

I remember how resentful and even angry I felt at times while we were working together and you always held space for me, advising me to just let myself feel those uncomfortable emotions before releasing them. Thank you for joining us on the blog and looking forward to reading your next article on our Inspiration Blog Series!

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