How To Tune Into Your Inner Knowing - Experts' Tips

Mar 10, 2022

By Kristina Todorova, Head Coach and Founder, Coaching for Transformers 

We all have a gut instinct, an intuitive knowing that is often leading us towards taking decisions and actions which are in full alignment with what we want to be achieving and experiencing in our lives. Our inner knowing  "speaks" to us in subtle ways, and it is the best compass we can use in our decision-making as that type of knowing comes directly from our Higher Selves - the part of us that is purely energetic, vibrating at a very high frequency and containing Universal wisdom which can guide us to fulfil our biggest dreams.

Have you ever felt the nudge to go to a certain place because it felt right in your gut and, by following your instinct, you ended up experiencing a synchronistic encounter which was hugely beneficial to you? Our intuition can be our best mentor and guide and, today, we are sharing a few practical tips you can use to tap into it. 

Use conscious breathing and ask a question

Standing comfortably, feet slightly apart, place your left hand on your abdomen and your right hand on your heart. Breathing in and out through your nose, send the breaths to your belly and heart for 10 seconds. Concentrating on your heart, say: 'What do you want me to know today?' and hear or feel the answer. - Jacqui Carrel, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Anxiety Specialist

Disconnect from tech and connect with nature

Tapping into our inner knowing is something we can all do – we just have to remember that it’s possible! My top tips would be to disconnect from tech, even if just for a short while. Get away from your phone or computer, ideally get outside in nature and go for a walk – be willing to ask yourself questions and more importantly, listen out for the responses. They might come in the form of insight, wisdom, or seeing a sign. If you’re really observant you might catch your Higher Self whisper into your ear! - Helen Hardware, Soulful Confidence Coach

Trust your very first "gut feeling"

There are multiple ways in which you can tune into your inner knowing. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Always believe in your very first "gut feeling" as it's always super close to your inner knowing, more than you might think.

2. Listen with your heart,  not with your mind, as there are things the mind just simply cannot comprehend, and you will therefore think and overthink.

3. Do something that truly makes you happy, that energises you when doing it; even if procrastination kicks in, still go for it. When you are doing something you like, you are closer to your inner guidance.

4. Let it all out. Find ways to let go of angry feelings and thoughts, frustrations, or any negative emotion. There is no need for suppression. Talk with a friend, write what you are feeling, sing, cry if you feel you need to. When you acknowledge how you feel, you start acknowledging your whole self and listening to all parts within you, including your inner guidance.

Connecting with our intuition has a lot to do with trust - trusting and knowing that tuning in and hearing our inner guidance is not only possible but the best way to create the life you desire - Susana Andrez McKie, Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Visualise White Light 

To connect with your intuitive knowing is to adopt your Higher Self's perspective, a perspective that is not purely available to tap into by using your rational mind alone. Your Higher Self is pure positive energy made of light particles. The easiest way to connect with your intuition is to fill yourself up with light. You can do that by taking a few slow, deep breaths or doing a short meditation,  visualising light entering your body and surrounding you. - Silviya Sabeva, Energy Healer and Channel

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