How To Cleanse Your Energetic Field

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By Susana Andrez McKie, Shamanic Healing Practitioner 

There are multiple ways to cleanse your energetic body. Nowadays, there is so much information about this that it can feel overwhelming for those who are beginners in using energy cleansing practices.

Everyone who has reached a certain level of spiritual maturity has started somewhere. Introducing a new practice or even starting your first spiritual practice might seem odd and feel like it’s not working or it can even feel "silly". However, if you speak to those who have done it for years, they will confirm that these practices work! Think about establishing a regular meditation practice: at first, it might seem awkward but the more you practice, the more your brain gets wired to continue with the practice, just like building muscles at the gym.

During my teens, I remember rebelling against controlled spiritual teachings that imposed a strict step by step process where nothing could be missed otherwise the spiritual teachers spread fear. This always came across as nonsense to me. How could a spiritual practice impose fear when it is supposed to create love and light? I’ve learned a lot throughout the decades, from different spiritual practitioners and through my own spiritual work, and here I stand writing these humble words as an eternal student. I hope you find my guidance useful – I am sharing four techniques that can help you cleanse your energetic field.

How do I know my energetic field needs cleansing?

We are constantly bombarded with energetic movement - it's all around us. We are constantly reminded of how much we need to “be" and "have"; and it can feel as if we live in a rat race or live a life that is not fulfilling or flowing the way we want it to. A lot of us are not even in touch with what we truly desire – with our why. This can create a feeling of sadness, inertia and disconnect, and if this is how you feel, the chances are that your energetic field may need a cleanse so keep on reading.

How do I cleanse my energetic field and remove any blocks I might have?

As I mentioned, there are different techniques and only with consistent practice and experimentation, you will understand which one works best for you. The more you do them, the more your spiritual awareness will develop, or should I say, your spiritual awareness will return to its point of origin – pure love and connection.

Here are 4 simple techniques:

1. Use sage

Get a dried sage stick and ensure that once it is lit, its smoke circulates around your body - from the crown of your head to your feet. You can hold the herb stick and a holder (plate or even a clamshell) and move it with your hands. If the smell is too strong, wear a face mask.

2. Take a saltwater bath

Take a saltwater bath, ideally using non-refined salt. If you don't have a bath, mix water and salt in a pot and towards the end of your shower, rinse your body with the water from the pot from the neck down.

3. Sing with an intention

Simply sing and dance with the intention of releasing negative energy and letting go.

4Focus inwards and visualise your body being cleansed

Sit in a silent place, ideally with your back not touching a surface, close your eyes and focus inwards, imagining your entire body being cleansed.

For an intense cleansing experience, I would suggest doing the same technique every day for an entire moon cycle, approximately 30 days. This helps to embed the code of releasing negative energies, patterns and blocks and welcomes positive energy to flow through and around you.

Maintaining a healthy energetic field is your sole responsibility and just like looking after your health, sometimes you need to go to a specialist who can help you deal with more complex situations. However, just like having a fast-food diet and then wanting the doctor to revert the high blood pressure and many other issues with a simple trick, it’s imperative that you assume responsibility for your actions, thoughts and the energies you accumulate and surround yourself with. That is why maintaining a healthy energetic field is very similar to maintaining a healthy diet - it’s a lifestyle choice.

Susana Andrez McKie is a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki and Healing Touch Master, Aura Reading Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and NLP Coach. Through her extensive experience in shamanic healing and multidimensional therapy (a form of deep healing through the heart), she assists her clients in uncovering and removing energetic blocks so that they can feel connected to their true selves and have a clear sense of purpose. She helps them release pain, heal emotional traumas and regain their personal power and confidence. Click here to learn more about her services.

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