Energetic Cords: What Are They And How Do We Form Them?

spirituality May 18, 2022
energy cords

By Susana Andrez McKie, Shamanic Healing Practitioner 

We are wired to connect to one another, feel the good and bad, the love and fear, the beauty and repulsion. Some people had to go through a pandemic to understand that life is all about balancing these opposites. Others are still living in denial - pretending that they are lonely wolves, eager to live by themselves and that they don’t depend on anyone but them. Irrespective of whether you are physically interacting with other people or not, you might still be connected with them energetically - if you are on a spiritual path you are probably already aware of this connection. Today, I am going to talk about this energetic relationship and explain how exactly we remain connected and exchange energy with others by forming energetic cords

What is an energetic cord?

We all have an energetic field, and when we interact with others - mentally, physically, spiritually or in any other timeline and dimension, we create an energetic cord with one another; cords can be formed with a co-worker, friend, mother, brother, lover, ex-spouse or even with a place or thing. An energy cord is not a physical substance and therefore is not affected by distance, and it can transfer energy (it being life force or emotional energy).

How do we form energetic cords?

Energetic cords are formed because you are tied or become tied to another person, either emotionally, physically or spiritually. A spiritual cord means that somehow the cord is there, perhaps not because you decided but because it seems like you are constantly feeling a pull towards the same place, situation or person. You have consciously worked on releasing this bond that feels unhealthy and yet you are just attached, attracted or drawn to them over and over again. This can happen because of existing karma, past life or ancestral energetic cords.

Keep in mind that an energetic cord can affect your current life and future and that is why it is important that you surround yourself with people and things that are healthy for you, and choose to spend time in places that are uplifting and positive. 

How to identify a negative energetic cord

Not all cords are negative. They are actually part of a healthy experience on this planet. They show you all the good, but can also offer you the bad as we still live in a place of dichotomies and opposites; both the positive and negative energetic cords play an important role in our personal and collective development.

The difficult part of being able to identify a cord is to be truly honest with yourself. If you love someone but, for whatever reason, that person constantly drags you down or you drag yourself down when dealing with that person, you have to be able to see this and acknowledge it. You cannot pretend everything is fine. If that is what you are experiencing, here is what you can do:

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask yourself:

- How healthy are my relationships?

- Do I feel unbalanced in any of my current relationships?

- Do I feel a persistent, unexplained physical pain?

- How does my environment affect me?

Some energy cords can even cause physical pain. It’s our body giving us a signal that something is off, or that you might be energetically receiving pain from another person - this is how your body empathises with another person’s body. Other cords can cause suffering, fear, tears, unexplained loss of energy, and many other emotions. 

How can you cut a cord?

Before cutting a cord, be sure of your intentions with that act.

A simple method is to write a letter to the person you want to cut the cord with. After you have written the letter, do not give it to the person. Tear it up and throw it away, or even burn it safely, using a match/lighter, for example. Be open and honest in the letter. Allow yourself to deeply feel everything that this person makes you feel. The more honest you are, the more effort you put into this exercise, and the more you gain from it. 

There are harder cords to identify such as those linked to other dimensions and timelines. If you have developed the skills to travel to those timelines through an altered state of consciousness, there is nothing that I can recommend as you will know exactly what you need to do and how to become aware of cords. For those of you who are still in the process of developing these skills or want to learn more about them, I suggest contacting an expert who can mentor you during this process of spiritual development. 

What’s next? 

Cutting a cord does not mean your relationship will end. When a cord is cut, it means that you have cleared the space for a brand new, positive and healthy cord to be created; it means that you open yourself up to receiving what you deserve and simply allowing the positive energy to flow.


Energy cords are a real thing although you cannot physically see them. Whilst some of you might be sceptical about the existence of such cords, I would like you to recognise how you feel when you are in the presence of someone who is positive and smiles all the time; the energy becomes a bit contagious, right? The same principle applies to cords. It’s that simple. If you have been struggling with letting go of an unhealthy relationship or a habit, or are constantly experiencing repetitive negative emotions, I can help you identify and release the cords that are causing the distress. I recommend booking a free 15-minute call with me first so that I can learn more about your situation and ensure that an energy healing session is the best intervention for you. You can book a call here

Susana Andrez McKie is a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki and Healing Touch Master, Aura Reading Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and NLP Coach. Through her extensive experience in shamanic healing and multidimensional therapy (a form of deep healing through the heart), she assists her clients in uncovering and removing energetic blocks so that they can feel connected to their true selves and have a clear sense of purpose. She helps them release pain, heal emotional traumas and regain their personal power and confidence. Click here to learn more about her services and use code CFT10 to get 10% off your first energy healing session.

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