How Past Lives Are Impacting Us Today With Helen Hardware, Soulful Confidence Coach

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By Kristina Todorova, Head Coach and Founder, Coaching for Transformers

Today’s blog interview is on a topic that will have you thinking about your patterns and reoccurring issues from a different angle. I am joined by Helen Hardware, Soulful Confidence Coach and Spiritual Hypnotherapist, who talks about “past lives” and how they are affecting our lives today. Helen is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Past Life Regression Specialist and Best-Selling Author. She has not only experienced profound shifts as a result of healing some of her own past life blocks but has been helping her clients heal theirs and transform their lives and businesses. 

Hello and welcome, Helen. Before we dive into today’s topic, can you share a little bit more about yourself and what you do?

Thank you, Kristina, it’s lovely to be part of your community. I’m a Soulful Confidence Coach and Spiritual Hypnotherapist. I help spiritually conscious women who are feeling stuck, struggling with their confidence and who are procrastinating or self-sabotaging to unleash their confidence, feel unstoppable and connect wholeheartedly to their soul led calling. 

We do this by helping them to identify, heal and clear blocks from this life and past lives and connect to their Starseed origins.  By connecting to our past lives and Starseed origins we truly begin to understand who we are, where we came from and what we are here at this time to do. 

What led you to start your journey into your current field of work?

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist (twice over!) and NLP Practitioner. I started out doing traditional hypnosis work such as weight loss, confidence and anxiety and addressing fears or phobias. The work that I enjoyed the most was confidence and self-esteem; my clients have often struggled to feel like they are good enough their whole lives, and when they finally know that they are, at a subconscious level, their world transforms. That’s such a joyous thing to witness. 

Some of my very first clients regressed to past lives, into the between-lives state and to lives in other galaxies or dimensions. I had always had an interest in spirituality so I was drawn to find out more about why and how this was happening and this naturally led to it becoming my specialism. 

In your experience with coaching clients around healing and releasing past life blocks, how are our past lives affecting us today?

Many people recognise that the experiences we have through our lifetime (and especially as children) shape who we are as adults; our beliefs, values and the way that we see the world and our place in it. For many of us, those beliefs can hold us back, keep us small and prevent us from chasing our dreams. 

The same thing happens in each lifetime. Our soul chooses to come back into human form to have those very same experiences, and to learn specific lessons.

Patterns and experiences from past lives often show up in this life either as a repeating cycle; either from a habit of behaviour, or because there was a part of the lesson that we have not yet learnt, or as an opposite; because our soul’s growth will be enhanced by experiencing both sides of the coin. 

For example, one of my clients regressed back to being an Inuit woman, her entire existence revolved around finding enough food. My client recognised some of the habits of behaviour in her relationship with food in this lifetime, and through reminding herself that she now lived in a society where she had plenty of food available easily to her, she could break thought patterns and change her relationship with food and lose weight.

Another client witnessed two past lives; the first as a soldier killed in battle; the second as a widow of a soldier experiencing the grief of losing her beloved. Through those experiences, her soul was able to experience both elements of a very similar situation and see it from both perspectives. 

Many of my clients are spiritually conscious entrepreneurs – often healers, therapists or coaches themselves, or wanting to move into that world. They often feel called to do something bigger than themselves, to share their gifts and skills because they have a desire to help others. Their gifts have often accompanied them from life to life, but for many, they have been persecuted or rejected in past lives for being outside of mainstream religion. 

One of my client’s regressed to a past life as a sound healer in the German mountains; and was persecuted by the local priest who felt that her work was a sign of the devil, resulting in her being killed by an angry mob. In this lifetime she felt afraid of embracing her spiritual side and had been worried about what other people would think if she was to share her spiritual beliefs and practices with her family, friends and clients. 

Once we are able to identify those experiences, we can heal emotional blocks that they might have caused and reframe old energetic memories and change the interpretation so that we can be empowered by our experiences rather than be held back. 

How can we find out whether some of our challenges or issues are related to a past life?

Great question – and there are a number of ways that we might become aware or curious about blocks that we are carrying from past lives.

Some of my clients have already worked on healing a fear, block or resistance from this lifetime and no matter how much work they do, they don’t seem able to get to the original root cause, and that might make them consider whether the root is outside of their current lifetime. 

Another way might be a pattern of behaviour that has no obvious cause in this lifetime (although I always recommend starting with the current life as seemingly insignificant events that have been long forgotten can create a lasting impact). 

As many of my clients are very spiritual women, some have received messages from their guides, or from being able to communicate with a part of themselves that suggests that the issue stems from a previous lifetime, or it might simply be a deep inner knowing. 

Have you had experiences where you healed a past life block and how did that impact your life? 

Yes – Many! When I first began my journey as a hypnotherapist, I found working in a healing modality triggered imposter syndrome and I would ask myself ‘who am I to do this!’ – I uncovered a number of past lives where I had resisted or rejected being a healer and recognised that I was being drawn to break this cycle and embody my skills and gifts. 

Thank you for joining us today, Helen. 

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