Vedic Astrology Sessions

Facilitated by Dr Surya Chaudhri, Vedic Astrology Expert and Relationship Counsellor, the sessions are designed to give you an insight into your life and the opportunities that lie ahead from the perspective of Vedic Astrology. They are facilitated virtually, on ZOOM.  

Birth Chart Astrology (Life Path Horoscope)


The Birth Chart session will give you detailed insights into your life path and purpose, innate gifts, ideal career pathway, romantic partnerships, and information about the best dates for you to make key decisions. 

We will discuss the different periods of planetary influences that are active in your life, along with the effect they are likely to have on you. 

This session is ideal for you if:

- you feel stuck and/or are looking for guidance about your career path/ thinking of starting a business 

- you want to learn more about your innate gifts, talents and strengths, and how you can use them to advance in your career/ business

- are going through a challenging/ transitory time and want to receive guidance on how you can best navigate these changes


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Deep Dive Astrology (Quarterly Horoscope)


The Deep Dive session will give you a detailed forecast about the next three months and the planetary influences that are affecting your life.

You can prepare and send up to ten questions about particular areas that you want to explore at the session. For instance:

" What career/ business developments to expect in the next three months?"

This session is ideal for you if:

- you are looking for a detailed forecast (prediction) for the next three months and want to explore specific issues and areas

- you want to gain clarity about specific challenges you are facing at the moment and how you can best navigate the planetary influences.


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