Vedic Astrology Sessions

Deep Dive


This session will help you gain a deeper insight into a particular area of your life you may be facing challenges in and want to receive guidance for. You can focus on your career, business, finances, family, or relationships. You can submit up to 10 questions that you would like to explore and they will be answered at the session.

Sample questions can be:

" Am I on the right path in my career/business? "

" What kind of career/ business should I choose? "

" Is it likely for me to be financially successful in my chosen area of work? "

" When am I likely to meet my romantic partner? "

The deep dive session is ideal for anyone who is looking to dive deeper into a specific area and receive recommendations on what to do next. 

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Partner Compatability


This is an ancient practice of matching the horoscopes of two potential partners to get an insight into what area would need more focus or work. There are eight categories that are matched in both horoscopes to determine the overall compatibility. The areas are attitude, power equation, mental compatibility, physical compatibility, friendship, temperament, emotional compatibility and health.

The partner compatibility session is ideal for anyone who is either entering a new relationship or facing issues in their current relationship. The session includes relationship counselling. 

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Birth Chart Astrology


This session will give you a detailed insight into your birth chart, the moon chart, and D/9 chart. We will discuss the different periods of planetary influences that are active in your life, along with the effect they are likely to have on you. 

The birth chart session is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about their life purpose, ideal career/ business, romantic partnerships, and personal characteristics (strengths, weaknesses, gifts).  

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