Personal Coaching with Kristina

There are two fundamental things I want you to know

1. Irrespective of where you’re currently at on your journey or what you may be facing, you’ve got the ability to bounce back and achieve every single dream that your heart is pulling you towards.

2. You’re in the perfect place to get the support that can help you create a life which truly aligns with what you want for yourself.

I launched Coaching for Transformers with the intention of helping people like you to understand that they are so much more powerful than they may know themselves to be and support them in building the self-belief, confidence and skillset they need to realise their aspirations and dreams - in a healthy, joyful and sustainable manner.

This is exactly what the purpose of my personal coaching sessions is. 

If you have been:

- feeling lost and unsure which path to take professionally or in your personal life, and looking for clarity

- feeling drawn to a new career or launching a business but keep procrastinating on it because you are afraid of failing or making a mistake 

- struggling with believing in yourself 

We can change that, in one session.

During our session, we will:

- explore your current situation and clarify what you actually want for your life (personal, professional or both depending on what you want to address)

- shift self-doubt and impostor syndrome and instil new ways of thinking that support you in taking action on and achieving your aspirations and goals 

You will leave the session feeling clearer, much more confident, inspired and with a toolkit of tailored-to-you mindset and energy exercises to support you in remaining confident and on track with your goals. 

My one-off personal coaching sessions are ideal for you if you are an aspiring/ new entrepreneur or a professional who is looking for a career change. 

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Here's what my clients say about working together.

Mariella Bano 

Guest Relations Team Leader

Pandemic hit me hard. Losing the job and ending a relationship at the same time was difficult to face. Before I got in touch with Kristina, I was completely lost. After only one session, I was able to see my situation from a completely different perspective. Thanks to Kristina, a new adventure is awaiting me and I feel confident it will be a good one. She is able to unlock the power within you as she has your well-being at heart. 

Ghazaleh Khoub 

Celebrity Podiatrist, The Private Clinic of Harley Street, Refinery Mayfair

"With Kristina, you learn to enjoy the journey as much as the goal. You experience uninterrupted flow making the achievement of your goal much speedier. This isn’t therapy, this is someone peeling away layers of beliefs that can be holding you back from getting to your goal. Just after one session, you will see immense changes in your productivity, focus and overall state of mind."

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