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Susana Andrez McKie

Shamanic Healing Practitioner

(Susana facilitates sessions in English and Portuguese)

Susana is a certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki and Healing Touch Master, Aura Reading Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and NLP Coach. Through her extensive experience in shamanic healing and multidimensional therapy (a form of deep healing through the heart), she assists her clients in uncovering and removing energetic blocks so that they can feel connected to their true selves and have a clear sense of purpose. She helps them release pain, heal emotional traumas and regain their personal power and confidence.

Growing up, Susana was deeply immersed in the spirit world, ufology, tarology and personal development as a means of creating and living a fulfilling life whilst being truthful to ourselves. With the help of her innate gifts and the energy healing modalities she uses, she has not only supported thousands of clients on their healing journeys but has been able to heal herself holistically from hypothyroidism, PCOS, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stomach hernia and IBS. 

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"Susana is always spot on. Every reading always resonates so much and it's so helpful as it helps me understand the energies and tendencies and how I can best cope with it all, whilst being the best version of myself." Bruno M.

Silviya Sabeva

Energy Healer         

(Silviya facilitates sessions in Bulgarian)

Silviya is an author, speaker, energy healing practitioner and a “channel” with more than 14 years of experience in energy healing and leading seminars. She works with adults and children, supporting them in identifying and releasing energetic imbalances and negative energy patterns (such as thoughts and emotions), and creating better health, prosperity, and restoring Life Force energy.

Through her channeling abilities, Silviya can perceive her clients’ electromagnetic field and act as a transmitter of higher frequency information delivered to her by her clients’ Higher Self and Nonphysical Guides, which serves as a guiding tool to help hem resolve health issues, personal and career challenges. She offers personal readings, healing sessions and a variety of training programmes as well as Mandala cards that can be used for self-healing purposes.

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"My session with Silviya reminded me of who I am. I've been wandering for a long time, trying different methods of self-help, but my consultation with Silviya gave me a sense of direction, a starting point. Her words were like a wake-up call for me, and for the first time in a long time, I had a clear direction on which path to take and how to feel reconnected with myself." - Miroslava

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