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Hi and welcome. I’m Kristina – the founder of Coaching for Transformers. I created this platform to inspire, empower and support you on your path to building a life that is in full alignment with what you truly want. I believe we are all born creators (and not victims to circumstances we cannot change) and through my fair share of setbacks I met my inner creator, and it became my passion to help you meet yours. Our primary goal is to provide you with resources that can help you monetise your passions, talents and expertise and find more freedom, fulfilment and joy in your day-to-day life.  

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If you are feeling stuck and looking for direction, our free self-coaching workbooks and guides will enable you to get more clarity and confidence so that you can build a career and business that light you up. These tools are intended to help you expand your self-awareness, connect with your intuition and learn how to rewire your mind so that you can manifest your desires and goals with more ease. 

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Optimise your mind  for success

Your mindset plays a key role in what you get to attract and manifest. The Life By Design Journal contains a set of daily practices that will help you make the mindset shifts, enabling you to embody the energetic frequencies of your desires and manifest them with more ease. These practices will leave you feeling inspired, confident, focused and ready to take action.

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Our Vedic Astrology sessions are ideal for you if you want to get a deeper insight into your life path, your innate talents and potential, and how you can utilise them to your advantage. These sessions are designed to provide you with guidance around your most favourable career options and the opportunities that lie ahead as per the key planetary influences that are active in your birth chart. 

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The blog is a place where you will find self-coaching tools, exercises and tips from experts. We regularly interview coaches and founders from various industries, whilst also introducing you to conscious businesses that can elevate your well-being and confidence in a way that is healthy for you and sustainable for the environment.

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