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If you’ve been feeling stuck, looking for a change and wanting more from life, look no further - you deserve to live a life that truly lights you up and we are here to help you create it, in a healthy and sustainable way. Our platform is dedicated to helping you express your core ideology through your work and monetise your passions, gifts and expertise so that you can find the fulfilment, freedom and joy you want to experience in your day-to-day life. We blend mind and emotional mastery, spirituality and practical goal strategies to support you in confidently progressing on your chosen path whilst feeling your best self

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Coach yourself to clarity

This free workbook will help you explore your passions, talents, skills, and ideal career path, and set a vision for where you want to be three months from now so that you can move in a direction that feels exciting and aligned. If you've been looking for clarity and thinking about "what's next", this workbook will help.

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Tap into your intuition through meditation

Your intuition is a compass you can trust. When you fully quiet your mind and remain still, you are better equipped to tune into it. Our free step-by-step Intuition Activation Meditation Guide teaches you a breath-focused technique that will help you learn how to release all thoughts and strengthen your intuitive knowing. 

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Optimise your mind  for success

Your mindset plays a key role in what you get to attract and manifest. The Life By Design Journal contains a set of daily practices that will help you make the mindset shifts, enabling you to embody the energetic frequencies of your desires and manifest them with more ease. These practices will leave you feeling inspired, confident, focused and ready to take action.

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Let us help you 1:1

Our Vedic Astrology sessions will help you explore your life purpose, innate talents and the opportunities that lie ahead as per the different planets that are active in your birth chart. These sessions are designed to provide you with clarity and guidance around your purpose, life path and your most favourable career options. 

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Hi, I'm Kristina - I created this platform to inspire, empower, and support you on your path to building a life that is in full alignment with what you truly want.  I believe that each person is born with a certain set of gifts, passions and dreams for a reason and, by consciously using the creative power of our mind and energy, we can achieve and live our dreams. I also believe that we are all born creators (and not victims to circumstances we cannot change) and through my fair share of hardships (more about my journey here), I came to meet my inner creator and it became my passion to help you meet yours.

I invite you to check out The Inspiration Blog Series where I regularly interview experts in the field of spirituality, well-being, entrepreneurship and everything in between. If you are into holistic wellness and conscious living as much as I am, I also invite you to check out our curated lifestyle shop where you will find products and resources that will transform your well-being and confidence. Again, I am thrilled to welcome you to our community - don't forget to sign up for our email series so that you can receive our articles and interviews straight to your inbox every week!

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